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FGs will NOT cut it

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  • FGs will NOT cut it

    I have been a Giant fan for ~50 years. I have never been so angry after a win. I know a win is a win and I will surely take it. That game was the most aggravated I have ever been. Eagles last minute loss was more shock. Other bad losses..sure many. However, it never should have come to what it did. This team and O (as good as it is) MUST not stall for FGs. I am not a Gilbride basher, but he and the crew better figure this out if we want to continue to win. What was the game plan last night? We have one of the best passing attacks in the league and it seems to disappear inside the 20 too often.
    Difference between folks like Brady, Belicheat and us is that when they get teams down they revel in cutting their hearts out and laugh while doing it! We need that kill and kill again mentality when we get up like we did.
    I'll be a game Sunday and I hope to see a team that is motivated and angry!

    Sorry for the rant...those that know me know I don't normally do this on these boards..but OK Over!