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Defending the TE

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  • Defending the TE

    How many of you think Heath Miller is licking his chops after what he saw yesterday. The one thing I could not understand is why the Giants never hit Whitten coming off the line of scrimmage. If I am the Steelers I go to Miller early to see how the Giants are going to defend him.

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    I fear Miller will be the X factor, but Sanders scares me as well from the slot.
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      We will be much better when KP returns.
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        We have a serious issue concerning our corners and linebackers not being able to defend the out route. Hopefully this is remedied when J Will returns to the lineup.


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          I bet he is thinking the same thing when we shut down Vernon Davis.

          I'm gonna run my route, try to get open and if Ben throws me the ball I will do everything I can to catch it and move the chains
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            If J.Williams Comes Back This Week He Would Help Out With Covering The TE's.
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              Seems like Chase was dropping too deep. Don't know if that is the design, but after the 10th 8 yrd gain on 1st down, some adjustment should have been made. I sure hope they figure it out this week.
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                I think Whitten is a beast but I also think that the Cowboys uncovered our weakness in the secondary. But that could cost you, turnovers happen.