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Stop Dwyer/ and safeties healthy

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  • Stop Dwyer/ and safeties healthy

    Pitt struggled early in the year cause the run game was flat - but jonathan dwyer (a very big back) has breathed life into the ground game. He has put up over 100 two weeks in a row and suddenly pitt seems very balanced. Gotta stop the run game before anything else.

    With wallace on the field you have to have fast healthy safeties cause he can blow the top off any coverage. If rolle has a concussion there is always the possibility that KP is back and healthy. If not it's the untested sash who will see time back there and better be ready to sit deep in center field. Brown has shown he is a ball hawk but has gotten beat a couple times deep as well. Sanders/ Brown and the rejuvenated heath miller make for a nice core receiving crew.

    If you hit Ben you better wrap cause he is not interested in going down easily. The big man has great escapability. Steelers are playing great ball right now. Gotta hit em in the mouth early. Its not the vaunted d it once was but its still very good. They put a licking on the redskins run game which we saw was very good.

    I'd love to see a little bit more wilson and a little bit more brown this week as well. AB is still the master of protections but i think we need to infuse the new guys a tad more.