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Giants' 2012 Mid Term Report Card

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  • Giants' 2012 Mid Term Report Card

    Excerpt: "The New York Giants' title defense has gotten off to a strong, and perhaps fortunate, start.

    They are 6-2 at the halfway point and are riding a four-game winning streak. They have dominated at times, such as in their wins over Carolina and San Francisco.

    They've needed dramatic fourth-quarter victories against Washington and Dallas. They've had controversy, like the kneel-down episode with Tampa Bay, and they've also laid an egg, like they did in the season opener.The Giants look like a team that can win it all again, but they are definitely a team capable of lackluster starts and head-scratching losses.In other words, the Giants are where they usually are at this point in the season -- 6-2.The Giants believe they are a better team than what they've shown thus far. They'll certainly get a chance to prove just how good they will be with games remaining against Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Green Bay, Washington, New Orleans, Atlanta, Baltimore and Philadelphia.By the time the toughest schedule in the NFL is complete, we'll know just good the Giants really are."We've still got a long way to go," co-owner John Mara said. "And you earn your money in the second half of the season." Click here for Giants' midseason awards
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    i guess all in all , i'd say the cup is half full as opposed to half empty.

    injuries seem to be lingering and semi - healing .
    Herz @ MLB is going to be interesting. is there even a backup ...Rivers ?
    i hope the coaches or the polo grounds gods or someone somewhere
    can figure out what the hell that chinese fire-drill that we call a back 7 is doing wrong and fix it.
    they can't all be bad players.....some one needs to re-season that soup.

    but on most days.....the offense can outscore 'em if that's what it takes.
    even if Tynes has to kick 11 FG's and beat 'em 33 to 30.

    so i'm real optimistic , i ain't wearing the blue-tinted Oakleys yet , but the blue-koolaid tastes alright.
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