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Giants' Power Rankings Round-Up: Chasing the Falcons

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  • Giants' Power Rankings Round-Up: Chasing the Falcons

    Excerpt: "Usually this little power rankings exercise revolves around where the New York Giants stack up against the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins, but Big Blue is so far out their division rivals' league this year that we've had our eye on another team: Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and the Atlanta Falcons.

    At 7-0, the Falcons have been riding the undefeated record to Power Rankings dominance all year. After watching the Giants stumble through two victories the last few weeks we hardly expect that to change. Let's take a look:

    This week's ranking: 2
    Last week's ranking: 2

    Their comment: Seven times in nine New York seasons Tom Coughlin has gone 6-2 or better in the first half. Only twice has he won at least five in the second half.

    Our comment
    : And again, the Midseason Swoon storyline rears its ugly head. Actually, we're kind of surprised we haven't heard more about it.

    This week's ranking: 4
    Last week's ranking: 4

    Their comment: Do they know how to win in the new Cowboys stadium or what? They own the NFC East right now.

    Our comment
    : Yes, yes we do own the NFC East right now. And always. Still don't like being ranked behind the Chicago Bears and Houston Texans, but the showing against the Cowboys wasn't exactly "shoot-up-the-ranks" kinda stuff." Read more...
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