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Giants-Steelers Game Being Held With Governor Christie's Blessing

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  • Giants-Steelers Game Being Held With Governor Christie's Blessing

    Excerpt: "Less than a week after Hurricane Sandy made landfall, the Giants will host the Steelers at MetLife Stadium at 4:25 p.m. Sunday -- a game that is being played with the blessing of Gov. Chris Christie.

    An NFL spokesman confirmeda Sports Illustrated reportthat NFL commissioner Roger Goodell reached out to Christie Thursday to make sure holding the game would not divert resources away from Sandy relief efforts. Christie confirmed that it would not.

    After the storm hit, the NFL determined there was no damage to MetLife Stadium, and local authorities did not suggest moving the game, the spokesman said. The plan was to prepare to play as scheduled, while staying in touch with the local officials as relief and recovery efforts began.

    Gov. Christie "was pleased the game is being played," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello wrote in an e-mail message, "and that the Giants and the NFL are saluting first responders at the game and contributing $1 million plus extensive promotional time on all our games to the Red Cross for the relief effort." Read more...
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    Blessing it with what? Free Burger King? But on a serious note, I actually like the way officials are handling the relief efforts for this storm. That's probably the only compliment I'll give the government this decade though, albeit they definitely are not the only ones involved.


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      I'm glad Governor Christie approves, the only thing that could divert him would be a big mac