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Week 9 NFL Game Probabilities: A Steel Defense No More

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  • Week 9 NFL Game Probabilities: A Steel Defense No More

    Excerpt: "A close look at Pittsburgh’s defensive numbers reveals that the Steelers are struggling to generate turnovers. Although their defensive passing efficiency is near the top of the league, where it has been in recent years, they’ve managed only three interceptions, half the league average. By comparison, the Giants have 16. Mostly because of a lack of turnovers and big plays, the Steelers rank 29th in defensive Win Probability Added and 21st in defensive Expected Points Added. The Steeler defense is also 31st in Success Rate, but this is mostly the result of an inability to stop the run, a category in which they rank dead last in the league.

    The offenses for both teams have been very effective so far this season, so expect a high-scoring game. The Giants edge the Steelers in most critical statistical categories and have home-field advantage, so they’ll be clear, but not overwhelming, favorites on Sunday.

    Here are the game probabilities for Week 9:
    Pwin GAME Pwin
    Pittsburgh at NY Giants
    "
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    Oh I can't remember the last time our run game pulled off 70 yard touchdown. It be nice if this game we got Wilson a few more carries that normal and we get a big play touchdown. Pittsburgh's run defense struggles, so getting the run game going and a big play touchdown would open up the pass game.


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      The Steelers are going to be tough matchup for the Giants in many areas. The Giants defense getting turnovers will be key and the Giants offense not having turnovers will help.
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