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YOUR THOUGHTS: Play more man and less zone on D?

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  • YOUR THOUGHTS: Play more man and less zone on D?

    It seems like when we're in that zone we're so vulnerable to being driven on (e.g. Witten catching passes at will last week). Do you think our DB's can stay with these receivers?
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    Great questioin, I prefer man but zone doesn't wear out the D as fast. Hell lets just keep the O on the field 66% of the game and we win


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      I don't think it matters much which defense they play as either style seems to allow opponents to convert on 3rd and 4th. Something just doesn't seem to be clicking regularly and no one seems to be on the same page. I don't know if it's the lack of pressure because of mediocre coverage or vice versa or even a combination. The lack of respect opponents show our defense by going for it on 4th should be an eye-opener.


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        I think that we will see a three Safety game plan in some of those situations, this is the way that PF answered this question last year and with the emergence of Stevie Brown (now a house hold word) he will be able to put that out there!