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You can say we are 6-3....

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  • You can say we are 6-3....

    But Eli has been freaking terrible the last 3 games 2td's 4 ints...Nicks where the hell are you and when your number is called you drop it. KG your play calling killed us once again in the redzone should be tied right now but we are not. TC where do I start the FG before the half, starting DD, starting Bradshaw with one practice.ST also killed us today you let a rookie starter run up and down the damn field all night. Hats off to the Steelers and their coaches they actually know where their teams strengths are. 0-1 I the start of the second half and we have GB, NO coming up.....smh. I'm not even going to blame the D cause they were on the field way to much. Let me be clear I'm not saying fire the coaches but they HAVE TO TAKE SOME BLAME HERE. Are we being spoiled now....
    sigpicShould the Giants fire Gilbride....

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    I said this last week, and I got jumped on.
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      Actually Eli has thrown 1 TD & 4 INT's His Last 3 Games.
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        Eli is fine. We have had NO help from the run game. None. Zip. Zlitch.


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          They are 6-3 but anyone that watched that game last week knows they where lucky to win. Even the week before they looked bad and pulled one out at the end. They seem to struggle every year in the second half and this year they can't even blame injuries.


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            Originally posted by CowboysSuck View Post
            Eli is fine. We have had NO help from the run game. None. Zip. Zlitch.
            Eli is not fine. He has played poorly these last few weeks. He had 2 terrible INT's against the Redskins, and had another today. And are we forgetting the play in the endzone, where Eli threw it RIGHT to the Steeler defender (who luckily dropped it)?

            The WR's are certainly not helping Eli though. Cruz is getting double teamed and no one seems to be helping him. Something is clearly wrong with Nicks, Randle isn't ready yet, and only God knows what's wrong with Hixon and Bennett.

            The run game sucks, but Eli is not innocent. He is equally at fault.