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  • Lessons from the past....

    I wanted to start this thread because I believe TC, who is a remarkable coach, has made a mistake by allowing history to repeat itself. In 2002, when TC was fired in Jacksonville, I was living in north Florida. All the papers and people close to the situation said that the main reason he was fired was his stubborn loyalty and reluctance to replace aging and ineffective vets. At the time, Jacksonville was 1 of the oldest teams in the league, and Mark Brunell, while extremely smart had lost all his ability to throw the ball downfield.

    Guys like Brunell, Kyle Brady, Pete Mitchel, Tony Bosseli, Jimmy Smith etc All these players were past their prime and in some cases, like Bosseli, completely ineffective due to injury and yet TC still went into the season with them as the only viable option.

    I believe the Giants are at a similar crossroads. We have guys like Diehl who still have value but simply are not as effective as the other option, in this case Locklear. Today Diehl was abused by a very ineffective Steelers passrush. I would also say that I still believe Bradshaw has value, but it is absolutely crystal clear that Andre Brown is the more effective option. I understand the need to have pass protection for Eli and that is why Bradshaw plays more, but it is hypocritical to say that is why Bradshaw plays over Brown, but to then play Diehl over Locklear who is clearly the better pass protector at this time. I do not want loyalty, typically a positive attribute in a person, to be the reason we fail. It is time to play the guys that are the best at their position RIGHT NOW.