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We were Terrible...

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  • We were Terrible...

    Today. It was an ugly game and that can happen against the Steelers. We are still 6-3 and better then the three teams below us in the division. I am not pleased with some of the personnel moves the coaches make, but by dam I am not giving up on Eli and these WRs and we still have good pieces in defense.

    I want Locklear back in there at RT. Diehl did not perform last year and is not starting material anymore.
    Bradshaw is obviously hurting already, again. Wilson and Brown complement one another so give them a chance depending on what is working.
    The fact Redman has been horrible all year and blew us away today is concerning, but that could be attributed to Herzlich being out there. Herzlich is obviously not ready to start and may never be able to do it on a consistent basis.

    This was a huge clunker, but still had a chance to win it. It did not work out. Lets get ready for next week and give them time to get their crap together.