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  • Upon Further Review

    I've held back my true feelings until now.
    The Giants could have made it easier for them but they always do things the hard way! They only needed to win 1 of 2 games plus Dallas.
    Now they must win 2 of 2. Feeling disgusted and frustrated I say- But honestly, why bother? They are too inconsistent and will be one and done in the playoffs, should they make it!

    This was a blessing for the Giants! They are a mediocre team this year, period! Their defense is horrible. I know we had alot of injuries but that is not an excuse.

    The DC coached too conservatively too frequently the entire year. I blame Fewell for not coaching/teaching the defense minimally where to play and to at least be in position. That is called coaching.

    The D Line didnt get enough pressure exposing our rookie LBs and secondary. Tuck played hurt and Osi was hurt. I just didn't like the philosophy of the defense and that starts with the coaching.

    With another DC I believe we could have schemed better and at least during the game MAKE APPROPRIATE ADJUSTMENTS.

    The OC is too predictable. I think Eli should occasionally play the no huddle hurry up game as that will tire out defenses and prevent them from making key substitutions. But no never the Giants. They are way too predictbale. sometimes I have to shake my head. Altohugh they have made many good plays for good yardage I didn't agree with the play calls. Either too conservative or way too aggressive and lucky. I hope ppl don't misunderstand that?

    Anyway, MM has been too inconsistent. I chse not to say this until now but I don't think they should keep him. I would love for the Giants to do what Atlanta did and draft a complementary WR to play the slot along with Nicks and Cruz on the outside. Barden and Jernigan are decent #4 and 5 WRs.

    I like Kiwi at OLB OCCASIONALLY. However I say move Blackburn to OLB occasionally with Goff in the middle and Boley outside and allow Kiwi to join the DE rotation to permit QB pressure and not tire out all of the DEs.

    Why can team run all over our Defense this year? We were terrible up the middle. Although Canty and Joseph had their good moments too frequently teams have ran t he ball too easily on us. Maybe with Goff back that's different? Idk?

    Priority 1: The Giants need 2OL, a new LT and a new Center!!! Beatty is not good enough to play LT and Baas is not good enough to play Center. Perhaps Baas is better suited to play LG his natural psn?? Brewster will be the new RT, Snee will be the RG. Petrus can challenge at LG and Boothe was/is good OL depth.

    The giants need another experienced decent OLB. The Giants need to cut Safety Deon Grant. The Giants need to cut TE Beckum and draft another TE to compliemtn Ballard. I hope Chad Jones returns healthy and the other rookie Safety this year can step up?

    CBs were unbelievably bad. Rolle missed too many tackles, whether in psn or not.

    I'm just disgusted. I wish Spags could return as our new DC with the hope that he becomes our HC when Coughlin, who I like and think is a good coach, retires in the future.

    Want to have: 1- New DC:2- New offensive philosophy. Let Eli call his own plays and the no huddle.

    Need to have: LT, C, TE, OLB

    Like to have:#3 Slot WR, Play making RB to complement Bradshaw and Jacobs.

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    Re: Upon Further Review

    Our run game has not had a good year at all but today we ran well, averaging 5 yards a carry. The sad fact we abandoned the run early on and only ran the ball 18 times all game. Predictable playcalling? Absolutely. I just hope the fo does what they need to do and clean house. This has been a hard hard season for giants fans.


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      Re: Upon Further Review

      The only bright thing is that alot of rookies got valuable playing time learning. Lets hope they learned something and are better next year.

      We can't fix all of ur problem areas but i hope we can address at least half of them.


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        Re: Upon Further Review

        Ditto....execution is a problem on this team but the coahing staf defintely does not get a pass...why did we abandon the run today avg 5 yds per carry?....oh yeah that's right...Gilbride (kill drive) is the OC...