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Ten Things Putting The Frustration In Perspective

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  • Ten Things Putting The Frustration In Perspective

    It's 10pm, the frustration from today's game is still there because:

    1. We're better than the Steelers and we didn't play to that level.

    2. Talent on this team is not being utilized. Nicks wasn't used much. Why the heck is our #1 draft pick on the bench while Bradshaw can't hit the holes as quick as David Wilson??? Diehl... sub-par today.

    3. Why can't we just go by the policy that the best players play???

    4. Kevin Gilbride has so much talent to draw up plays for and his personnel decisions and play-calling are not working! Bradshaw falls down into the line while Wilson bursts through the line.

    5. You mean to tell me we don't have a 3rd and 2 play that will consistently work... it's throw a bomb downfield???

    6. When was the last time we sustained two drives in a row for touchdowns and the defense didn't have to score one of them?

    7. Herzlich... out of position and lame today.

    8. The "no-big-deal" attitude of the players (like Diehl in his interview after the game)... "ahhh we'll fix it..." How about... "I played like crap today I need to do better..."

    9. Our kicker may win most points by a kicker this year... a stat you don't want to have at this point.

    10. No fire on the offensive side of the ball!
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    Well I for one am not upset anymore. I usually get over losses pretty quickly.

    I agree with all your points, and the worst part about it is..this has been happening for weeks which tells me this coaching staff and team has a hard time adjusting.Why? I have absolutely no idea.

    I've said this before and I'll say it again.
    We are WAY too talented to be getting punked on offense like this. So all of a sudden the players just started sucking? I'm not buying it.
    Something is seriously wrong, and I hope it gets fixed.
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      If Wilson doesn't start seeing the field, I'll poop and diarrhea in the corner of my room everyday until it gets so bad Coughlin will feel bad for me (because I make the news) and he will be forced to play Wilson.


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        As was noted by another poster, the blueprint to stopping the offense is out. Gilbride has to adjust, but can he do that?
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          Why are the Giants better than he Steelers? They sure didn't look like it. Even the score didn't prove that to be true. Diehl,has been sub par for two years and Nicks is not healthy. Time for everyone to realize he is not fully recovered. The defense has not been good for most of the season and the offense has proven hey struggle against good defenses.