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Purging the NY Giants

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  • Purging the NY Giants

    maybe I'm prisoner of the moment(s) but I want to purge this whole team. Ppl keep talking getting rid of the coaching staff but I want ALOT of these players gone too...

    Wish I could just snap my fingers n *poof* we have a whole new hungrier, better squad w/ the only mainstays being Eli, JPP, Nicks, Cruz, Boley, Phillips, n a few select others...

    No TC
    No Ninja Turtle
    No Gilbride

    No Ross
    No Rolle
    No Canty
    No Osi
    No Grant
    No Diehl
    No KMac
    No Tynes

    I know its not feasible and I know of the realistic expectations/obstacles that would hinder my dream but goddammit, I can dream!

    Now dream w/ me guys...if we imagine it hard enough...even though nothing actually happens, in our minds, it might actually seem real. Maybe that'll be just enough for us to get by...

    then again...Madden seems like a great way to envision my