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    1. David Diehl... F

    You did so much for the Giants................ BUT why on gods green earth does Diehl get his starting job back due to injury and phillips does not? If you are going to make bad personnel decisions... at least make them consistently. Stevie Brown is a hot player, and it is understood he stays at safety, but our line was meshing well with Locklear in there. Why go back to Diehl? He was beat early and often. Eli couldn't even hit a 3 step drop a few times because he was beaten so quickly.

    2. Lawrence Tynes... F for ( F*ck You )

    Guys in my flag football league can hit 50 yarders... If you are ever going to miss a kick... left or right is the way to go... NOT SHORT... this guy has to have the weakest leg I have ever seen. First he hits it short and to the left in the Eagles game but gets a second shot at it... then hits it short again... Guys try to defend him and say, oh he is trying to aim it and not hit it to hard so its inaccurate... Thank goodness our offense has been so inept in the red zone or this guy would look really bad having to make 35-45 yarders. I don't know why people like this guy... no one remembers him missing 3 kicks in Seattle, or 2 in Green Bay in the playoffs... I officially hate this guy.

    3. Mark Herlzlich - D+

    Looked dreadful in some of his decisions... but I will say this... he was able to recover laterally lots of times where our other linebackers do not. I will also say I saw him numerous times take on 2 blockers and blow up a few plays. I think with playing time he will improve. Just needs to get his feet wet. He has a good motor and is fast side to side... not much better straight line speed than chase but is obviously an athlete.

    4. Perry Fewell - D

    Get a clue, that belly stop route they ran for the first down Ben had all day... grow a pair and go single high on 3rd down... if you know they are going for a 5-15 yarder why wouldn't you play 3 over or man press under single high with a robber. If you aren't going to have the robber bring the heat... either way, very weak calls today.

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    i gotta say.....nice 1st post. +1 ^^
    due to the fact that I am from the Woodstock generation ...
    my opinions may be chemically enhanced and influenced by severe episodes of memory loss


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      Appreciate it. It is just incredibly sad when these OBVIOUS decisions are not made.