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  • My uneducated take on the game

    Looked like Eli and the receivers were playing their first game together? Are teams playing more man to man on defense against us? Were our special team players on strike or a work slow down? Was that Eli or some other QB with #10? Didn't TC learn his lesson in the Phily game? After the big win in San Fan, are we coasting? Can our "D" cover a crossing pattern? Can our "D" cover anybody! Did our "O" line play in the second half? All questions that need to be answered and soon!
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    cowboys have shown how to play us, play two deep safties and man to man underneath coverage. when they only played one safety deep we took our shots downfiled and couldn't connect outside of some PA calls.

    the solution to that should be running the ball too, which we still can't do.

    So, can't run the ball, and force teams out of 2 deep, and can't hit receivers deep when they do put 8 low.

    not a great situation for any offense.


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      Considering KG and Eli have a tendency to throw deep, the two deep safeties makes a lot of sense. I agree with CDN that the running game should help with that, but the running game has been less than impressive. However, another solution would be to use more slants passes to backs, and curl/comeback routes. They need to change the offensive approach, using the short passing game almost like a running game. This has the added bonus of reducing pass rush... look how effective that has been against the Giants D.
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