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  • The Giants: My Thoughts

    Putting aside all the nonsense that happened in yesterdays game took me several hours. I was a very frustrated fan after watching what transpired. I'm sure most if not all of you share that sentiment with me. I'm sure we all have our own thoughts on things that could be improved both this season and in future seasons. I wanted to put a few of my thoughts into text here on the forums and see how many other fans agreed with me.

    The Offense:

    First off I'm going to start with the line rather then running backs, as a lot of what I'm seeing when I watch games has to do with the lack of push on the line, failure to get solid blocks established, and some guys just getting pushed around in one on one match ups.

    David Diehl has been a real trooper for the organization, but he should not be starting. I understand why he was on the team at the beginning of the year, because he's a solid rotational player (or had been in the past), but he's either past his prime or he no longer has the desire to play football. His current salary is 1.2 million this year and jumps to 4.1 million next year in the final year of his contract. I believe we could find better value elsewhere based on his current salary. I don't believe he'll be a Giant as of next season unless he takes a massive pay cut. He may make starter money, but he should not be starting. Locklear is a better starter currently and should be the guy we're going with on gameday. We need to be using the players who perform. Not who makes the most money or has the biggest name. I think Tom Coughlin has a tendency to go with certain guys even though there are people who can perform at a higher level. This brings me to..

    Ahmad Bradshaw should not be starting. He hasn't earned it. Yes, I understand he's averaging 4.4 yards per carry, but he's missing something very big. He isn't being consistent. He's breaking long runs here and there and I think that's skewing his stats to make him look good when you're looking at stats, but if you're watching the games he's getting crushed behind or at the line of scrimmage too much for my tastes. I understand that he has qualities as a pass blocker, but I'm not sure that outweighs the loss.

    I think other teams should be wondering who our starting running back for the week will be rather then knowing who to prepare for. Andre Brown and David Wilson are both showing flashes of both immense talent and from what I've been seeing I feel like both backs are more consistent in gaining yardage then Bradshaw. The odd thing is I believe they're actually facing more difficult defensive sets when they're in the game. Everyone has heard Coughlin talk about Brown and Wilson, and how often he points out they struggle in pass protection. When they're in the game the play calling is shifted more towards run plays. Teams know that the Giants are going to run the football when Brown and Wilson are in the game. They're still getting the yardage. Not to mention I feel like the play calling is flawed when they're in the game, but I will cover that in a moment.

    I'm not going to start the "Fire Killdrive" rant that I see constantly after a bad offensive performance, but yes some things need to change. I'm sorry, but for all his genius sometimes he outsmarts himself. When I discuss sports with my friends I always use the same explination about why some teams consistently outperform other teams.

    There are two schools of thought to building a good team in my opinion. Method one is you go out and you find players who fit your system. It isn't always about best talent available, but in fact which guy can do what you need him to do. The other is you adjust your system to fit the players you've acquired. Now, I think the Giants do a little of both, but unfortunately you have to do a lot more of it to be successful. This is my issue with the statement that Brown and Wilson don't have the pass protection down, because in all honesty that shouldn't be the issue. The back isn't blocking every down. Some pass plays they do, some they chip and then start a route, and others then run a route. So, when Brown and Wilson are in we can still be balanced. We can still throw the football, but use a different methodology when we do so.

    My other issue with the play calling at times is that we're either trying to run the ball or go vertical or we're throwing 15+ yard passes. I realize this results in big plays, but Cruz was killing people last year on the shorter routes. The shorter routes require less pass protection and can do quite a bit to open up the run game. There are times we do this, and there are times when you don't see it at all on 10 play drives. Sometimes I want to stuff my face into a pillow and scream because we're trying to throw the ball down field every play or run the ball when we're not getting any yardage doing so. We have to adapt to be successful, and I think Gillbride does fail at making adjustments quite often. You don't have to wait until halftime to do so..

    The Defense:

    First off this one is probably not going to be popular, but I'm surprised it didn't happen in the offseason. Osi's time with the Giants should be over. I like the guy (when he's not complaining about how much he makes), but we don't need him. We've got JPP, Tuck, and Kiwi's hand should be in the dirt at defensive end and not in the linebacker position. He's an amazing defensive end. We have some guys who've really shown some flashes. We're going to lose him when his contract is up, so why not get something for him in the offseason? We could use the money we've got tied up in him to replace Kiwi at linebacker and get a draft pick in the process. Teams have offered a second round selection and to be honest I think they should take it. There's no reason they couldn't do what's right for him and the team and trade him to a team that he wants to play for as a thank you for his time here.

    Also, I'm hoping the return of Kenny Phillips will shore up the secondary. I honestly think we might see more big nickle like we used with Grant and they'll off course use Stevie Brown in that spot. I think it might be a better defense for us to run against some teams. Hosley, Coe, and Tryon can get diced up pretty bad at times, and it's killing us. You'll see those nice flashes from them here and there, but then they'll pull big boneheaded mistakes and get burned or commit stupid penalties.

    I also think Fewell needs to take some of the same advice that Kevin Gillbride needs to take. Make adjustments.. not just at halftime. Use your players who fit what you want to do, or better yet adjust what you're doing to fit the talent you have on the field. I honestly feel like a portion of the decline we've seen in the play of Justin Tuck has to do with how he's being used as much as it does with his injuries. We have several guys who can play multiple positions and moving them around can cause havoc. Have them line up and adjust right before the snap, cause some confusion. I'm not saying we need to over complicate the defense, but we could be more aggressive and still only send four and five. We just need to scheme a little bit rather then just rushing the front four straight up. You'll notice how the Steelers pressure. It isn't great pass rush ability. Most of their pressure comes from scheme. They're a great example of how you can do it without an amazing pass rush. Do you honestly think they have better players then we do? No way.. It's all scheme.

    That's all I can think of for now. I'm not a football coach or anything, but I've been a Giants fan since I was 10 years old. I've been watching from Phil Simms and Lawrence Taylor through Dave Brown and Kent Graham (those years hurt) and I'll be watching the Giants until I die. So, I'm sure some will disagree, but ya know.. everyone has an opinion. I just wanted to throw mine out there.