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    I don't really want to make excuses for the team but it just really seemed like they were flat all game yesterday and maybe the hurricane affected the team a lot more than we thought it would. It wasn't so much that Pittsburgh came out and completely dominated we just didn't show up. The defense had a couple of great plays, we caught a couple of breaks but other than that we were horrible. The offense and ST were just horrendous. Diehl needs to be put back on the bench as a backup, he just can't play tackle at all. Hosley and Randle's play are really starting to hurt the team, they've been playing really poorly. We're really missing Jaquan right now, we need to try and ride the storm. We're a good team still just not great, we've been catching breaks the last couple of weeks and finally our luck ran out. I think we'll bounce back next week and if Philly looses tonight we're pretty much back in our same spot in the division.