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    Was all Eli? Was the defense? What is going? Three things that have always plague the Giants

    lack of creativity - same ole thing offensively week in and weel out. Never a wrinkle KG can be read like a book. Yes Eli can audible but only what they put in during the week. Does not take long for a good defensive coordinator to figure out what is going. Look at Pitt, Atlanta, NE, etc sometimes hurry up, no huddle, huddle vary what they do depending on situations and circumstance. Giants - same ole same ole

    playing not to lose - seems like whenever we get a 10pt lead the offense changes and instead of going for the knock out we start forcing the run, get in third and long, three out put the defense back on the field. A 10 pt lead in the third quarter and our man played not lose.

    inablitly to adjust - KG does a decent job as a front runner but can not adjust. Pitt had us defensed very well and I saw no adjustment

    finally - Eli - he was horrible - why - he was never able to get into rhythm - he plays best when he can get into the flow. KG has a way of preventing that. What happens Eli starts making bad decisions because he is put in a position where the game is on his shoulders. Three an outs puts your defense on the field too much.
    Idiot can not adjust to defensive adjustments - he never anticipates - and he starts calling plays - you are only as good as you practice and what you practice it is obvious the red zone preparation and options suck - the audibles left to Eli are horrible draw, no roll out, no bootleg, no screens that is game plan. The gray haired troll needs to get with it or get out.