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An average team masquerading as a good team

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  • An average team masquerading as a good team

    Let's face it, the Giants are not very good right now. We have a few very good individual players, but the offensive and defensive units have no cohesion. The Giants have been extremely lucky this year. They were outplayed by both the Redskins and Cowboys and were soundly beaten by the Steelers. If not for turnovers by the opponents, some of which were self inflicted, the Giants could VERY easily be 4-5 as opposed to 6-3.

    Eli has been awful this last month. Extremely inaccurate, and his go-to play seems to be to Chuck-it 40 yards downfield and hope for the best. Where are the slants and crossing patterns? Bradshaw is a good reciever, why no dump downs and screens to him? I knew it was going to be a long day yesterday right from the start. First drive, 3rd and 1. Instead of a run or short pass, we try the ole back shoulder throw 15 yards Randle. Of course they aren't on the same page and Eli misses him by a good 7 yards. People will want to blame Gilbride for that, and he should shoulder some blame for the offense, but Eli is a big boy now. I'm sure Eli has the power to change a play, audible, switch it out. I hate to compare the two, but look at how Peyton handles his business. Peyton sees what the defense is giving him and will just disect them. Short passes to the WR and TE, and then when the defense makes a mistake he takes his shot downfield. Peyton is playing chess out there, Eli is playing checkers.

    The way I see it, the Giants need to get to 9 wins to win the division, much like last year. Looking at the Giants schedule, this week against the Bengals, to me, is a must win. I think it's the easiest remaining game they have. Because every offense they play afterward is going to give the Giants trouble. Here are the QBs the Giants will face: Rodgers, Brees, Ryan, RG3, Vick & Flacco. We all know Mobile QBs give the Giants fits so RG3 and Vick will be no picnic. And Ryan, Brees and Rodgers are 3 of the top 5 QBs going. Flacco has the best RB in Rice playing behind him and if we give up a thousand yards to the Steelers 4th and 5th string RBs, what is Rice going to do?

    I'm not panicking yet because this is the same old Giants. First half great, second half terrible, somehow sqeak into the playoffs and go on a run. It looks like we are heading that way again. I guess if they end up in the Super Bowl again I wouldn't complain, but just once I'd like them to go through a complete season playing at the level everybody thinks they are capable of.
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