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  • wilson

    Why the crap are the coaches not putting this guy in the run game? He's been literally nonexistent in games outside of running back kicks. Draw up some screens for the kid, get him the ball in space. I've said it before, but he's too talented to ride the pine this late into the year. He may give the offense a bit of a spark. Against Cleveland,he had a 40 yarder where he went untouched into the end zone, and then he and Bradshaw gashed the 49ers in the second half. Since then, nothing? it doesn't make sense

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    does anyone remember that preseason game against the Bears where Wilson caught some screens and ran for a chunk of yards? Why can't we do that again????????????


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      Did any of you geniuses see what happened everytime the ball was thrown at DW? Do you watch these games?

      For the first few games there were only a few plays designed specificly for Wilson. Including a screen pass a shovel pass and sort of a designed checkdown that come immeditely to mind.

      All of these bounced off what seemed like ping pong paddles.

      On this team if you want to play you need to seize your opportunities, David Wilson has not. And anyone who holds up preseason performance as prof of anything might want to reevaluate their understanding of the game.

      Notice how he performed in KR duties and has seen continued action in that regard. Thats hoow it works on this team.

      Dont tell me, SHOW me.