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    I absolutely hated Rolle last year as he played AWFUL. I know, playing the slot is not his natural position, but it highlighted his faults. The guy was awful is pass coverage, frequently took bad angles, and missed many open field tackles.

    Now this year back in his natural position, I will say he has made some plays (SF he was huge), but he continues to make glaring errors that don't show up in the box score.

    I just watched the PIT game for the second time and he was at fault on two of the PIT TD plays. The Wallace long touchdown he takes a bad angle and whiffs on the tackle (would have been a 7-10 yard gain if he makes the play). On Redman's TD run, Rolle bounces off Redman at about the 2 yard line and Redman gets in.

    I'm not saying we lost the game because of Rolle. So many people played bad yesterday. But in this day and age of the salary cap, Rolle's errors don't even come close to justifying his salary. The money could be spent elsewhere like LB and OL where we are below average at best. With Stevie Brown/KP/Will Hill we don't need Rolle.

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    I was highly critical of Rolle, but he's playing alot better...I starting to wonder if it was Webster who makes him look bad. Rolle is very good at the line of scrimmage and made some key tackles this year.
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