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Some things I would like to see done differently.

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  • Some things I would like to see done differently.

    On offense:
    1) I have been saying this for a couple years now but I want to know why all the sudden in the last couple years we have stopped using the RBs in the passing game, other than to just block. I am not refering to splitting a RB out either.

    By keeping our back in to block on passing downs we are allowing the other team to run more stunts and LB blitzes since the DE doesnt have to follow a back into the flat and the LBs dont have to worry about the dumpoff. When defenses play man coverage and still Blitz LBS a lot, like the Steelers did all game, that means the backs are the guys who are left unaccounted for. I want to see us use our backs more as hot recievers when Lbs blitz. We did it once early in the 3rd quarter to Hynocerous and it yielded a 1st down. We used to do it a bunch with Tiki. Do it more.

    2) This is a follow up to #1 but we need to run more screens. The reason I did not include this in #1 is because there are other types of screens, including TE screens. Again, the way you keep the passrush honest is with screens and draws. God Knows we run enough shotgun draws, but where are the screens? Furthermore, there is no better way to make DCoodinators keep their LBs honest than by making them defend the odd screen. In particular, i would like to see this done in the red(green w/e) zone.

    3) better excecution. People may remember the play on sunday where Eli barely overthrew Bennet, the ball just bounceing off his outstretched fingertips. Well i invite anyone to review that play again and you will see that Cruz is about 3 yards away from Bennett after the completion of the route. This happened a lot on sunday. Our recievers were either running incorrect routes or we arent doing a good job of planning because we ened up with WRs bunched into 1 area of the field. There are times when this is a viable strategy, like when the defense is playing a pure zone. But this was not the case on sunday. We had serious execution issues.

    4) More TE formation passing plays. Again, this is a strategy thing to me. I want ot kep defenses guessing and make Lbs stay home. We don't use enough play action anymore. Eli is very good at it. I am not saying throw it more to the TE, I am just saying use TE formations more. We seem to have fallen in love with the shotgun 1 back formation too much.

    On defense:

    1) Why was Canty left out of the lineup so much this week? He was not injured to my knowledge, so whats up? We had Joseph and Bernard in an awefull lot. Considering Canty has the biggest contract on the defense, and considering he is actually a decent Dt, I would love to know why he is on the sideline so much.

    2) The area between the LB and safety. This has been a concern for us for years now. Obviously it is hard to defend, but virtually all of the key receptions made sunday were made in the area between the LB and safety. The Wallace TD as well as several key late game Steeler 1st downs. Part of this is on Herzlich for not getting depth, but I also noticed that Rolle, the safety to that side, was playing oftly deep that play considering there was nobody running any deep routes on a few plays. His being so deep contributed to his missed tackle on Wallace, leading to that TD.

    3) LB play. I am not going to pull punches here. After watching the Falcons v Eagles game last night the 1 thing I noticed about that Falcons defense is tha tthe LBs all cover better then ours. And yes, I am including Boley in that statement. Boley has not done well in coverage this year. For a team that supposedly has all this talent at the WLB position(Boley, Rivers, Jwill) we have had some very poor play. Cover backers have never been more important in this league than they are today and if we are unable to do better, we are going to have a long season on defense.

    4) lastly, I want to see more stunts along the Dline on passing downs. Here is another thing I just dont get. Teams are double teaming JPP now. The secret is out on him being the best of our bunch. So when a guy is getting double teamed every play you need to stunt him. It creates confusion along the offensive line and they will often follow JPP rather then the guy he is stunting with. Often it will result in JPP either forcing a 1v1 or JPP forcing 2+ Olinemen to follow him leaving the other guy unattended. We do it some and it works, we need to do it more. Tuck has, for years, been 1 of the very best stunters in the league and yet we seem to be less apt to do it this year.

    Just some stuff I would like to see, that is all. Go Giants.
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    I concur

    I finally got power back. Ive been sleeping in my house 56 degrees. Im lucky that i still have my house and im not complaining.
    I went half mile to sportsv bar that had electricity and watched game. Steelers are a good team. We were horrible on special teams. That killed us.

    I agree with your assessment. On offense ive said the same thing. On occasion, when appropriate like 3rd down and 1, Why not throw swing pass and screen pass to RB out of back field the way we used to to dave megget, rodney hampton, rob carpenter? Ultimately the plays are decided by Eli and i wish we would be a little motre conservative. It seems like recently have been in a trend of all or nothing going for the long pass play too much now.

    I know nicks is still not 100% and that effects our passing game. I like Hixon as #3 WR. I hope RR starts to develop. I hope we get a better TE to replace Beckum so we have two legit TEs. Although the OL has been playing well, im still concerned about their age and mobility. Why did Deihl play instead of Locklear, who is better at RT?????

    On defense, we need to draft another stud DT to rotate with Canty and Linval Joseph, and Bernard.
    Our LBs are just ok, nothing special. They have been out of position alot against run support as well as pass.
    I would like to see Kiwi return to play DE and draft a quality OLB that can pass cover.
    I would love to add another good CB. Prince and Hosley will only get better, they are both young and just starting out.
    Webster has been pedestrian but perhaps cuz he has been hurt.

    I honestly dont like our Defensive Coordinator, never did. I think if we had spags we would have better utilization of our players and better game mgmt and appropriate changes. It seems like we cant be too aggressive cuz we have to help compensate to help the porous passing defense.

    I do believe we will get it straightened out. I do believe we will win our division.However, if we are to advance in the playoffs, we need to get better. Our offense has been enemic the last two games. Why havent we tried to find mismatches and exploit our team speed with JJ on a reverse too?
    Why havent we utilized our rookie Wilson for dump off passes and running. He is just as good as Tsmps Bay RB. I know he cant block as well as bradshaw and Brown but he can get a few reps.