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  • Wrs and backs

    Those two postion are our strong points and they need to get things going. Bennett is ok but he is not that much of a threat to defenses. Our wrs may be the reason why the offense is struggling not KG. I believe that defenses are taking more chances and showing reads that they are going to give the offense the deep ball. We win those battles and the offense can be back on track. We need more plays designed for our backs and Bennett should be some of the help on those blocks. It can maybe help him out.

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    I agree with more targets to the backs coming out of the backfield, but would argue that Bennet is more of a threat than you give him credit for. He is on pace to be our best receiving TE in quite a while. The problem is that he is used more as a blocker than in the passing game, and when they are passing to him lately it is deep passes. He should be used for quick checkdowns that keep the chains moving and allow him to go for YAC.

    The short 2-3 step drop passes would do wonders to get Eli in rythm and move the chains... that in turn opens up either the run or the deep pass, depending on how the defense reacts.

    I would also like to see a more up-tempo offense... not a no-huddle or hurry up offense, just a faster tempo, where they are hiking the ball with more than 1 second left on the play clock. The offense seems to be more focused and intense when they do that.
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      one on one, throw it up, Bennet will win most of the time. So yes, he is a weapon. However not a weapon I would use unless it was in the redzone or on 3rd and short. With a guy like that, he should be able to score more TDs.

      anyways, with the WR and backs we have, you would think we would utilize them better. Sadly, we dont. There is a reason KG got knocked the fruck out. His lack of doing anything more creative than a draw maybe the reason LMAO


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      1 and done, and its not even close

      Packers 30
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