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  • My take on Bradshaw

    First of all, i don't think there is anyone on this team who runs harder than bradshaw, and there arent many backs in this league who does. When I see threads and posts on here that state things such as "bradshaw is done" or "he doesnt have it anymore", it is more than laughable.

    One of the biggest misconceptions i normally see with how fans feel about their team is that they think because a player isnt productive, it means he isnt playing with heart or that he isnt running hard. For example last week bradshaw had 15 carries for only 48 yards and averaged 3.2 yards a carry. He had a bad game. But if you look at the tape you know its not because he isnt running hard.

    Bradshaw has been running the same way all season, and he ran with the same heart vs the steelers as he did vs the browns and the 49ers. He had better holes to run through when he played those 2 teams. If you dont believe me just go back and look. I remember one play in the redzone where he put a move on a steeler's defender inside the 5 in order to fight foward and pick up the extra yards. There is no question bradshaw runs hard and gives it all he has on that field. He normally doesnt go down easy and he always fights for extra yards.

    That being said, i agree 100% with the fact bradshaw needs to see less carries and that brown and wilson needs to get the ball more. And i believe this for a number of reasons.

    1.What the hell is the point of drafting a running back in the first round if you arent going to play him? How is he going to develop if he is only on kickoffs? Obviously he has talent because we all see what he is capable of when the ball is in his hands. This is rather frustration and not just for wilson. It's frustrating for us as fans as well

    2. Brown has been doing a damn good job for us when the ball has been in his hands. Aside from the fumble, wilson hasnt done bad himself. Not to mention brown seems to have better vision as a running back and runs with power. WIlson obviously has the speed, and bradshaw has the fire. Why not utilize all of these backs to their advantages? The saints did a good job of that last night and We had success doing this in 07 when we won the superbowl.

    3.It is a long season so Why put such a heavy work load and so much ware and tare on a running back that struggles with injuries and only practices once a week?

    I still think we have great coaches here but If we want this runing game to improve we need to find ways to uterlize all of our backs. I think brown is better in the redzone and i feel with the less carries bradshaw gets, the more effective he will be. there is no question he runs hard, but during the corase of the game the longer you are in, the more worn down you will get. Same goes for brown. We need to do a better job splitting the carries
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    Don't take it personal, we're just debating.

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    Also, does PF have more control of the defense than Gilbride has of the offense? because it looks like PF is able to match and move, and get who ever he wants on the field at any time he feels like it. If he wants to play 3 safetys he will. If he wants to play the rookies, he does, and finds ways to get them all involved on defense.

    The offensive side of the ball is a different story. This leaves me to believe that its not just TC. I think Gilbride is also holding back on giving wilson playing time
    Don't take it personal, we're just debating.

    ~Big Mike~


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      Gilbride runs the offense period. TC supervises and has the final say, but I am sure Gilbride and Fewell have a free reign. And I agree with everything you are saying. No one runs with as much heart as Bradshaw does, but he needs a break once in a while and there are times when Brown gets it done and he can't, that isn't a slight on Bradshaw by a long shot...
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        Absolutely, Bradshaw has heart and has a rightful place in the hearts of Giant fans; but, if we are to establish a consistent power running game we need Brown and Wilson to get carries early. Lets remember Brown is recovering from a concussion and under T.C. the Giants have reached their prime at the right time in T.C.'s two Super Bowl wins. Looking at the schedule though It looks a little soft for the Eagles and Cowboys going forward and the Cowboys looked pretty tough in their last loss. If the Cowboys can dominate the Eagles they have a chance to rack up a lot of wins in the remaining games.


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          I agree that they should spread the ball amongst all three of the backs, it would keep Bradshaw healthy and get the others valuable touches.