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Meeting our potential this season

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  • Meeting our potential this season

    I have read quite a few good posts on our problems and recommended fixes

    Coughlin was lamenting in the Steeler post game interview that we had no "big play" offense as in previous games- That is the problem: we need to get away from the big play offense and last minute comebacks because it will eventually fail- We were spoiled last year and the early part of this year. We need to get back to running screens, slants, passes to RB's- and high percentage passess to the TE's - Then you can go vertical once in a while- when the coverage gets tight. One poster was right about Eli falling in love with Cruz just as he loved Plaxico. The other thing is play selection in the red zone- Too many field goals which will kill us in the long run.- What is wrong with Gilbride being more creative? Why doesn't he watch film of the Packers and Brady throwing TD's in the red zone and do some copy catting- we have the same talent they have - And look at those nifty run formations the 49ers have developed-
    I don't think we will be good enough to go all the way this year but we have the talent and potential to go very deep into the playoffs if our coaches use their heads.