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Secondary can spark with fury

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  • Secondary can spark with fury

    I know many will hate on this, but I think the secondary needs to lay someone out late, take the personal foul and go to war with the receivers in a very physical style. This 5 yard deep soft coverage is making them look weak. This team is so straight and rule abiding that no one in the nfl fears any part of the Giants, except maybe JPP's play.

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    No they don't.


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      Bears secondary plays really good football without the vicious, late hits. I think it's less of an attitude and tone issue and more with miscommunication between the players in the secondary or just simply getting beat.


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        defensive line can spark wtih fury.. how bout we just get legal vicious shots on the QB....

        there is no better way to disrupt an offense


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          and not to mention that these guys are getting HEAVY FINES. Alot of the time for things that really shouldn't be flags let alone penalties


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            Why cant we play 2man under like teams do us and blitz kiwi every dwn from different gaps our corners for sum reason always chasing a receiver du they get caught lukn in the backfield or wat?????????


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              even hearing Rolle telling AJ Green to "duck" today kind of gave me a "WTF ARE YOU SAYING" moment. While I love the tenacity of the comments, now if theres anything even BORDERLINE we're getting 15 and if he does actaully get a solid shot he'll be looking at a suspension because he forecasted a high hit (or at leats it could be interpreted that way)