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Phil Simms on Sid Rosenberg yesterday morning

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  • Phil Simms on Sid Rosenberg yesterday morning

    Look in the middle of the site and you'll see THE BEST OF 640 SPORTS. Phil Simms is the 2nd one down right now. Simms is always on Sid's show, but I never get to catch him. Glad I did, he had me cracking up towards the end.

    Personal issues aside, Sid is good when it comes down to his show and also the Giants. He's bringing Big Blue talk to South Florida airwaves and I couldn't be happier because he does know his stuff. He hosts a Giants show on the weekends. Tiki Barber is also in the mix there as Sid has him on a lot also.

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    Yeah i always liked sid from his fan days


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      Sid's cool. It was nice to have a Giants fan on the FAN.