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Got Beat Up Physically Again!!

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  • Got Beat Up Physically Again!!

    Some of you fans can continue to use Diehl, Gilbride, and Coughlin as a scapegoat, but this team as a whole is not very good. Our Big time Leader, Eli Manning is rattled our there and is reverting back to his bad mechanics. Manning also is losing confidence in his receiver's ability to get open and we are forcing alot of bad passes due to a poor running game and no1 even getting open. The Giants defense neeed to improve in the secondary and we need another pass rusher to emerge. Corey Webster is not worth the contract, he's getting and cannot stay with any teams number 1 and maybe number 2. Prince can be inconsistent at times, and the communication between the cornerbacks and safeties are terrible.
    " In Reese to Sign a Bust"