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Okay. Silver lining time

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  • Okay. Silver lining time

    This was terrible. Barring something unbelievable we're 6-4 going into the bye week and we're up 1.5 games in the division. The coaching staff has two weeks to take a look at the issues we can see clearly on the tv screen. A loss like this will bring everything back to the drawing board.

    I don't want to make this board sound like a broken record, but there is just no excuse for Diehl to be playing in the NFL at this point. He had a productive career, but it's simply not there anymore. When you have to leave in a chip blocker every single play it's no wonder we only have 6 points. But Diehl isn't the only one to blame. The whole line was offensive (ha. ha.) today and some serious work needs to be done there. Give Eli more time and help him break out of this slump.

    In the middle of this game, the defense was really solid. They've been prone to the big play and injuries are still keeping them down. Hopefully Phillips can come back after the bye and solidify the secondary. I actually liked what I saw from Prince for the most part. A productive offense will go a long way in helping the defense by keeping them off the field and giving them better field position.

    So, Coughlin and Gilbride, back to square one. You have two weeks to right the ship. Stop valuing tenure over talent and get the best players in the game. Let your best player do his work. If proper adjustments are made, we are still in good position to take the division.