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    when was the last this overrated DL actually made a difference in this game. Even when we blitz lately we dont seem to get there. Justin Tuck has to be the most overrated of them all.

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    Times change and players go up and down in production. Our D-line always have to touch O-linemen and Giants don't blitz enough. Most posters overrate players including myself. I made post about our Giants are high scoring cause of the extra talent. They don't show up and it is hard to score. Our offense should be able to keep up with other offenses but they aren't doing that.


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      I don't know if he's overrated or not, but I can not stand his body language. When things aren't going his way he looks like he's sulking and pouting like a little kid.

      I think he could still play if he makes some adjustments to his game, but please Tuck, lose the foul body language.

      Can't believe the DLine didn't get 1 sack or QB hit today.


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        You guys see what he put on twitter?? We will right the ship ....oh yeah Tuck is sure doesn't look like it.
        sigpicShould the Giants fire Gilbride....


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          The D line played like they just got neutered. Gelded. Castrated. Utterly PATHETIC


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            Our two biggest strengths from the last 2 SB runs were QB play and DL. Now one is non-existent for the most part and the other is struggling without a running game (I mainly blame the OL for this), receivers dropping balls / cant seem to get separation & on top of that if Manning is having an off day....oh boy!!

            We dont knock any body back anymore, teams dont fear us. I miss the Lawrence Taylor days. My concern is other teams are getting more of a blueprint to stop/attack us now and since we are not good at making adjustments....god help us.


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              You sure Tuck a d Osi still play for this team? I thought they retired.


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                we can blitz all we want, this front 4 isn't doing their job.

                if blitzing solved every front 4 that couldn't get pressure you would pay DEs like most DTs.

                you can bring chase, boley and kiwi all you want, if the o line has no trouble picking up our down linemen, then those 3 aren't gonna get through either.

                until that front 4 starts doing its job consistently, this defense is going to struggle horribly.


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