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    I wonder how our practices look...I bet its pretty awful. I wonder if Eli looks good throwing to uncovered receivers in practice. Im certain this secondary doesnt give Eli good looks and gives him false confidence after practice. Does he goes into games saying " WTF, People are actually covering Nicks and Cruz on Sundays". Do the Giant actually sit and study their play, they should study their own mistakes and get a clear understanding of whats wrong before looking at their opposing team.
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    I got the same if they don't study any film at all


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      Well according to the press conferences, Tom always says "I thought practice went very well", same with Eli.
      I don't really believe that.
      Maybe it's the practices that are effecting this team? Idk anymore.
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        They say the same story each week regarding the practice and adjustments. That is bull....and if you watch each Giant game you would realize that it is. This team is just not good. We have had one true victory this year on both sides of the ball and that was San Fran. I mean, 4get what we did against sorry teams, the Giants were up 23-0 against the Cowgirls and truly DESERVED to lose that game. Do you guys look at other teams highlights and think, "Why can't the Giants do that this year???" I am happy with us just getting a 1st down. The Giant product on the field as of now is garbage, and after having one 2 Superbowls with battered and bruised bodies....what is left to be proved???? The checks come in each is wrong, but being garbage couldnt be half bad in some of their minds.