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  • my notes

    -teams this year know our D is soft, Ive never seen sooo many teams go for it on 4th against us on a consistant basis.
    -Diehl is going to get Eli killed.
    -our run game continues to struggle, i blame the oline
    -webster in the first qtr was getting embarassed
    -there were like 4 cincy catches that were out of bounds, but really close to running up the score
    - why did bennett jump up in the back of the endzone, the throw was not even high... so he jumps up n the ball hits him in the chest then lands out of bounds... he could have just kept his feet planted n the ball would have prob hit him in the facemask.
    -why did randle n wilson almost botch the kickoff? really on wilson

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    when teams are going on 4th down you know this defense is atrocious and even if they don't make it on 4th down they know the offense isn't gonna do anything so there's no risk.


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      oh yeah n our D line got no pressure, on one play we went all out blitz n still didnt apply ANY pressure