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What does it say when an offense CAN'T score in the red zone or get a first down???

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  • What does it say when an offense CAN'T score in the red zone or get a first down???

    I hate to bring this back up but its time for a change on offense. Killdrive has to go. I've never seen worst play calling in all my life watching this team. We can't score in the red zone....we can't get a first down. You can put some of the blame on players of course (Cruz dropping a touch down catch...Bradshaw fumbling on the 15 ..Eli throwing 2 picks .. etc)....but that's NOT what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the actual play calling. I watched some of the other games on yesterday and noticed that they were trying to get into the end zone every time they had the ball. I don't see that from our team. We had a chance to get back into the game yesterday somewhere around mid 3rd qtr....but what were we doing? ..we were trying to run the ball up the middle and then throwing passes from sideline to sideline and loosing ground. We played that 3rd and 4th qtr like we were winning the game, NOT loosing by 4 touchdowns. This game only highlights what we've been seeing all season (and most of last season). I know its difficult to run plays when the offense line isn't blocking and we can't a running game going..but sometimes in those situations you have to abandon the game plan and just do what works. I heard that the Giants might try "No huddle" yesterday to confuse the defense...did anyone see anything that looked like a no huddle offense? Did the defense look confused at all during that game or did they know exactly what the Giants were doing each play. You think the defense watched film and knew we were going to try and run the ball and then try to establish a passing game?....geez a girl scout team could have figured that out...we aren't fooling anyone in this league. I know people are going to jump on this and that's ok...we're all entitled to our own opinions. I talk like this when we're winning games too! The Giants have a BAD habit of letting team stick around to long...there's NO sense of putting a game away (even when we're winning). I blame the play calling and will continue to blame it until the Giants learn how to put a game away. This rant has nothing to do with the poor defense yesterday or the poor special teams...or even the fact that we lost....Its just about play calling during the game.

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    Eli calls plays, too.


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        Not scoring in the red zone is one thing. NOT SCORING is the larger issue and it's a problem the whole team is responsible for fixing. We have had one losing season since TC has been here and that was his first season. The coaching staff, in large part, has been constant. The players are the interchangeabe part as, by design, they come and go. This is really not the time, after a devasting loss, to make lomg term decisions. This is the time when every swinging **** from TC to the guys on the practice squad need to do whatever it takes to perform better and start winning games again.
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          The Browns can score touchdowns, The Jaguars can score touchdowns, the freaking Chiefs can score touchdowns. After these last few weeks, the Giants are the worst team in the entire league. How does that happen?