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is this season a lost cause?

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  • is this season a lost cause?

    We're in first, but we can't even beat cincinatti, we've got packers, saints, ravens, redskins and falcons

    Saints kill us every year, we can't beat philly, we won't beat the redskins again, Green bay and Atlanta would both be favored against us. How do we make playoffs? how?

    we could easily go 6-10 or 7-9. Then we can regroup. This whole team is suspect. Maybe Eli's luck ran out, Cruz can't catch, nicks can't stay healthy. Coughlin won't becnh Diehl, Webster sucks. Osi sucks, Tuck sucks. Bradshaw has bad feet, and for some reason Coughlin won't put Wilson in games. Bennent is nowhere near as good as Ballard was. our linebacking corps aren't healthy. etc
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    I think we can beat green bay. Their O-line is so porous right now that Diehl would be an improvement for them.

    Saints we have in our own house in december. They only have our number down in that superdome of theirs. Brees is just not the same in inclement conditions. Hopefully there is a blizzard on game day for good measure.

    I think we can also beat RG3 again, with the IRed pass rushers on their team.

    Atlanta and Baltimore are most likely losses though, unless Eli gets his **** together... And God help us if TC continues to be stubborn...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.


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      Good point, but this team has a ton of issues. I do think Eli will pull it together


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        Just don't watch anymore games. It's a lost cause for sure.