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Nicks Moves In "The Right Direction" Sunday

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  • Nicks Moves In "The Right Direction" Sunday

    Excerpt: "Hakeem Nicks is looking forward to having a week off to heal.

    "It's going to be very beneficial," Nicks told "I plan on coming back stronger than before."

    The talented wide receiver has battled injuries all year and is welcoming the break to try and get closer to 100 percent. Nicks has missed three games with a swollen left knee and lingering problems from his surgically repaired right foot, and his production is on pace for career-low numbers.

    Sunday, in the 31-13 loss to the Bengals, Nicks caught a team-high nine passes for 75 yards, by far his best game the five contests he's played in since returned against San Francisco on Oct. 14. Nicks has 36 catches for 465 yards with just one touchdown in seven games.

    "That's definitely a start," Nicks said of his effort Sunday. "Going in the right direction."

    While Nicks has played at less than 100 percent for the entire year, gutting his way through injuries, the wide receiver hasn't been able to play like he has in the past. Since grabbing 10 balls for 199 yards and a touchdown against Tampa Bay on Sept. 16, and then missing the following three games, Nicks had just 13 catches in the four games leading up to Sunday's loss.

    Sunday, Nicks finally got into the groove, with the team targeting him frequently and using him in the game plan. He was targeted 14 times, especially in the short and intermediate passing game, and had more catches and yards than he had in the previous two games combined. Nicks only has two games this year when he's caught more than five passes or more than 53 passing yards." Read more...
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    I was saying he should sit for a whole until he gets healthy but he didn't look that bad the other day. So with the bye he should be even better. Now they need to get Eli and the rest of he offense going.


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      listening to all this "here we go" and "we will be better" is all well and good but its all bull**** right now.
      I have no answers and dont fancy myself a coach in any way. But these guys have big issues from simple fundamentles all the way to lack of talent at some postions. I hope something takes place over the nest two weeks that flips some kind of switch or whatever....
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