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Who do we build this team around?

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  • Who do we build this team around?

    Everyone is so down right now, understandably so. Everyone seems mostly down on the roster, so I was thinking about what players should be here long term that we can build a superbowl team around. This is my list and reasons why:
    Eli Manning- The face of the franchsie and a top 10 quarterback at worst.
    Ahmad Bradshaw- Plays with so much heart, a down year but will come back strong
    Henry Hynoski- Has been improving every week and runs hard, should become a receiving option
    Hakeem Nicks- Great reciever
    Victor Cruz- So solid. Good team player
    Jake Ballard- Work on his hands a little but he runs good routes, Eli trusts him, and his runs fire the team up.
    Mitch Petrus- Good Giants style run blocker
    Chris Snee- Our best Lineman
    Jason Pierre-Paul- I think he is the best defensive player on the planet right now.
    Mathias Kiwanuka- Does every thing the team asks and more, productive everywhere
    Linval Joseph- A good second DT
    Osi Umenyiora- People have mixed opinions, but he is a playmaker
    Justin Tuck- Ignore this year, he is our leader.
    Jacquain Williams- WILL become a pro-bowler
    Corey Webster-Only player in the secondary worth his weight this year.
    Terrell Thomas- Need this guy back badly
    Weatherford- This guy has been awesome
    On the fence: Boothe, Beatty, Amukamara, Phillips.
    Needs to be gone: Rolle, Baas, Beckum, Diehl, Mckenzie, Canty, Ross, Grant, Manningham (him and Eli still dont have any chemistry.. I think the offense would be much better with a replacement of similar physical skills but better mental makeup)
    Everyone is so down on this teams players, but that core right there is more than most teams can dream about. Just need some new blood on defense and some new coaches. The future is bright for this team, as long as JR (or his successor) starts filling the right holes.

    Sorry for the wall of text, maybe kinda useless post, but I wanted to get my thoughts on our players on paper.