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  • Amazing Consistancy

    What a joke this team has become.

    This was a playoff game right?

    That's what I heard Giants players
    talking about through the week.

    This team had little to no energy and this
    was there road to the playoffs.

    You can't make excuses for a team that
    has no energy with playoffs staring them
    in the eye.

    The Redskins dominated the Giants again
    this time in our house.

    PLaying one week good and the next week
    horrible is not gonna cut it.

    Again the Giants D looked soft giving up
    plenty of passing and running yds.

    As fans will we ever see a consistant
    football team?

    Who is responsible for this inconsistancy?

    If your like me you gotta be frustrated that
    this team did not compete today with urgency
    on the line.

    Between players and coaches there is plenty
    of blame to go around.

    Very dissappointed in this team and there
    attitude or lack of it.

    I don't care how talented we think players
    are on this team. Many of these defensive players
    in particular need to be cut in combination with
    the coaches that cant light a fire under them.

    Tom Coughlin says he takes responsibility what exactly does that mean. Does that mean he will step down? Does that mean he will bench certain

    The players today looked lifeless!!

    LT - Carson - Kelley - Van Pelt