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    Originally posted by Buddy333 View Post
    Classic let down game. Washington 23 Giants 17.
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      Look, I have been doing this for the whole season this far and we never looked back at the predictions. Well I hope we give props to whom picked the right team to win and even the score as well. Giants should keep on piling up the points and the Skins will try to maybe use ball control this time. Giants 30 and the Skins 24.


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        Skins fan here. Very hard to predict. Alot of this game will be based around Trent Williams to me. He's really banged up with a spained ankle and deep thigh bruise. That could effect us in a couple of ways. One is that he obviously cant fully stop all your great pass rushers. If he cant then we are in trouble because if he struggles then I think our whole line will.

        The other way it effects us is in the game plan itself. Shanny has a habit of going conservative at home. I had a feeling he would open it up more this week but if he thinks Trent is hurt at all I could see us doing all run run run run, pass, run run run, screen. Then your D will kill us like you did Carolina.

        One thing is really different about us then the last time we played and thats the deep ball. When we played last time we were strictly a short passing team because we had no real speed without Garcon & Robinson. Now both guys are healthy and in the rotation, we are starting to hit the deep ball. Now we have nothing missing. Passing on all levels and running. I hope it continues.

        Again, nothing about this game would shock me. Any outcome is possible but since Im a homer I will pick us 34-20


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          Originally posted by Eliscruzzz View Post
          what?? lol.