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WR Jerrell Jernigan Preps For Dual Role

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  • WR Jerrell Jernigan Preps For Dual Role

    "Wide receiver Jerrell Jernigan received a lot of attention the first time around against Washington. Along with David Carr , last year’s third-round draft choice simulated Robert Griffin III in the week of practice leading up to the Giants’ 27-23 victory.

    However, Jernigan did not suit up for the game. He was on the inactive list that week, just like he has been seven times this year.

    For the second go-round, he’s again mimicking the Redskins quarterback for the Giants defense, but doing less of it. That’s because Jernigan has to prepare for his own offense, hoping to be noticed for his own exploits -- and not solely on his best impression of Griffin.

    “I’m [scouting him] on certain plays, not as much last time,” said Jernigan, who sometimes doubled as a quarterback playing at Troy. “It was good last time. I love it back there, but now I’m doing more on our offense. So I’m not back there that much.”

    Jernigan received a bump up last week, seeing his share of downs on offense against the Packers. It was partially due to the game plan (which didn’t include an injured Domenik Hixon) as well as improvement in practice.

    “Pretty much both those reasons,” Jernigan said. “Coaches have seen me in practice and how I’ve been working in practice. It carried over to the game, and they put in a package for me.

    “It’s always good getting out there, working hard out there, getting to run out there, and actually being in the game and mixing it up.”

    Despite not recording a catch, Jernigan said he and the coaches liked how fast he was playing as well as his blocking. Jernigan added he thinks his role will continue to expand, but there’s always uncertainty come game day.

    The second-year wide receiver has played in four games this season, none of which came in consecutive weeks.

    “It depends,” Jernigan said about when he knows if he will play or not on a given week. “Personally, you get a feel for it at practice. You see how many snaps you’re going in or what you’re doing at practice and stuff like that.”
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    interesting. i always felt we could use jj the way gb uses cobb. JJ did it all in college just like cobb.


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      I wont lie, I forgot all about this guy
      The Gigalo with the most below


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        Well he was in for snaps before Barden last week. Not sure that means much but maybe the Giants feel he's getting close to strutting his stuff as he did in college.


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          Remember that he was only drafted last year, and effectively didnt have a training camp his rookie year. Not to mention his role he was originally being groomed for was filled by Cruz. So they're still doing something with him. And if this organization gave Barden 4 years to produce, Jernigan has until at least 2014...

          The fact that he was playing the role of RG3 is quite interesting though...

          I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.


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