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Giants' Insider: RGIII And The Washington Redskins, Part Deux

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  • Giants' Insider: RGIII And The Washington Redskins, Part Deux

    Excerpt: "Last time the New York Giants played the Washington Redskins, Big Blue barely escaped with a last-minute victory after getting their eyes opened by Robert Griffin III and an upstart Redskins team…but that was a month and a half ago, so we're turning back to Justin Fiore and the guys at to see how this Redskins team is doing of late.

    First, a little primer on the Redskins last few weeks: their loss to us started a three-game slide that also included 27-12 loss to a Ben Roethlisberger-qaurterbackedPittsburgh Steelers and a 21-13 loss to the Carolina Panthers, but turned it around the last two weeks with resounding victories over the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles.

    So as the Redskins make their case for being our best competition in the division, let's see what Justin's seen the last few weeks, what with his obsessing over the 'Skins like we do the Giants.

    Most Giants fans seems to think stopping Alfred Morris (and running back RGIII), thus making quarterback RGIII one-dimensional, should be our game plan. Are they on the right track?
    That's the way most teams have defended them. They put an emphasis on creating third-and-long, forcing Griffin to use his arm. It starts with slowing down Morris. But our offense rarely–if ever–becomes ones dimensional passing wise. Morris and Griffin are pretty consistent on the ground. When RG3's arm or the wide receivers are off however, the offense can come to a grinding halt.

    So who's the wild card on this offense? Is it Pierre Garcon, when healthy?

    Pierre Garcon is the X-factor of the Redskins offense. They are 4-1 when he plays, 1-5 when he doesn't. He's also been in for three of the Redskins' four 30-point outings (13 rec, 200 yds, 2 TDs). And that's with a foot injury keeping him under 100%, which you probably wouldn't have known watching last week's 59-yard touchdown.

    {editors note: both Justin and I are starting Garcon in fantasy this week. Justin's note: I did draft Garcon this year and I am starting him this week–for a projected 18 points (PPR). He's got the benefit of an nine day break as well. A strong play I think.}
    The Redskins have scored 38, 31, 38, 24, and 40 in their victories, and 13, 12 23, 17, 31, and 28 in their losses, with the defensive outputs generally being more consistent. What seems to be the cause of the offensive struggles in these losses?

    Early on it was just the normal hiccups that plague new offenses. The most recent three-game slide started with the Giants–a game the Skins put up 480 yards but suffered four turnovers. The following week our wide receivers dropped a league high ten passes in Pittsburgh, which stifled all offensive production. The baby of those two performances was Robert Griffins first 'rookie' game, against theCarolina Panthers. But really, there has been no consistent flaw (other than penalties maybe) that has plagued this offense." Read more...

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    give me andrew luck over rg111 anyday,,,rg111 is fun to watch but luck is the better pure QB and will have to longer, better career.