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  • Fracture

    There are clear signs of a fracture on this team (to what degree we'll never really know), which has produced yet another second-half swoon. The season isn't over yet and this team could make the playoffs, but I was just wondering---would you guys rid the team of those:

    players who are just collecting paychecks until the team buckles to their demands or they become free agents;

    players who have sponsored sports-radio spots to further their post-career ESPN demo reel;

    players that blab boasts to the press without backing them up;

    players that break off designed patterns or freelance on a consistent basis to the detriment of their teammates;

    players that break team rules (perhaps not their first offense) on the eve of their season-saving game;

    Would you get rid of them regardless of their role on team or talent?
    I.E.: Jacobs, Rolle, Bradshaw, Boley, Ross, Manningham, Umenyiora?

    At times today, when I saw Orakpo, Kerrigan, and company executing on defense I was
    a bit envious of the Redskins young talent. They will get better and they're
    in our division.

    The Mara family has to realize their product stinks. I wouldn't dump Reese just yet since he inherited this coach. I would give him the opportunity to hire his own coach--if failure continues only then would a clean sweep from top-to-bottom be necessary.

    It's hard to fire your Super Bowl-winning coach and his staff, but I just want the team to return to fundamental football play (running the football, protecting the football and playing good D) with guys who want to wear the Blue and be coached (with consequences with those who don't want to) and coached by those who can make a go at it regardless of circumstances. At this level, and if you claim to have a talented squad, there is no
    excuse for not backing up your will to win with smart, intelligent play
    and coaching. I know it still might not guarantee a win or even a playoff berth, but the team would be heading upwards in the right direction for the future instead of treading water, accepting mediocrity and calling it a successful campaign. []

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    Re: Fracture

    Good post, although things have to meet halfway. You can't just dump talent because they might be dogging it for a little while. It just means they have to be inspired to play better, which isn't an impossibility.

    I would trade Osi for picks only because his value is peaked and we could use some more high-round talent on D. I wouldn't resign Manningham or Ross because these guys can be replaced.

    Boley and Bradshaw are integral to our system, and although his big talk is annoying, Rolle is being misused and we shouldn't dump him without seeing what he can really do when he is put in a position to succeed.

    I'd make a few moves, but I'd sit pat with the players we have while getting healthy and drafting a few more guys. Lets see where we go before we blow it up, because we've shown too many flashes of greatness this year to just throw the baby out with the bathwater.