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Gilbride's worst ever?

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    Why is the NYG offense so hard to grasp?

    Continue to hear folks in this organization making excuses for all the mental laspes that have occured with our top 2 draft pics from last year. The intentional grounding that stopped another one of the many 1st half drives that were stopped by penalties is prime example of reciever running the wrong route. This has been explained by the fact he's a rookie & it wasn't the 1st time this has happened this year. We continue to hear the same about Wilson.

    I Say Enough Excuses. Dumb the offense down & make it more simple if that's the case or draft smarter players. I don't think a lot of NFL coaches the good ones that is would keep using the same old tired excuse.

    In this league 1 or 2 plays determines whether or not you win or lose games. These negative plays have to stop or the Saints will bury us again like they have in the last 2 meetings.


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      They should have kept throwing down field last night. Eli could have torched that secondary for 400+ last night.


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        Originally posted by TroyArcher View Post
        They should have kept throwing down field last night. Eli could have torched that secondary for 400+ last night.
        Well they tried a couple times and it worked, so the "genius" Killdrive stuck to his plan, "Find out what works and then do the exact opposite." Run, Run, Pass, Kick. It is not complicated!


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          Gilbride cost us the game - HE IS HIDING UNDER SUPERIOR TALENT

          This has been on of the most pathetic play calling games I've seen. I have been saying this consistently, that KG is a horrendous OC....what makes good coaches from bad, is the coach is able to assess a player's strengths and makes adjustments to that.

          The running games does nothing but go downhill no matter who is out there....we had one of the fastest shiftiest guys in DW and runs him up and down.

          The redskins defense is big and fat...they would not have been able to consistently chase down a Wilson or other on kick outs....instead we feed them right down the middle of the defense where EVERYONE in washington is waiting.

          I AM GETTING FED UP WITH THE CONSISTENT LACK OF CREATIVITY - now we are going against superior defenses....I don't see the giants winning a single game with the possibility of eagles - will be too late by then.


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            eli bailed kg out that first half. 8 of 10 on 3rd and longs?! and those were conversions on elis arm, not some well designed play. he was putting the ball right in there.

            the refs and their bs questionable penalties EVERY RETURN WE HAD put us at the 9...the 2nd half when the momentum changed, we should have passed much more except the rz.


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              id say last night thatd be a fair statement but not overall, guys had too much success.
              but last night, eli in the 1rst half was hiding a lot of kgs horrid plan for the skins. 8 of 10 on 3rd and longs in the 1rst half??? and the conversions werent due to kg's designed play, but absolutely amazing stick throws by eli. the RZ and penalties killed the offense, eli played excellent imho, it was when lockler went down that i felt the pass game went back to how they looked during the slump, and i dont think thats just a coincidence, it was dd clear as day imo.

              but very tough loss, KG made the worst plan to attack washington imo, he worried too much about ball control imo forgetting that if ur gonna shorten the game down to a few possessions per half, u better dam well score tds otherwise ur gonna lose...when we started out wth that bs stall and fg attempt bs, kg shoulda opened it up more...i mean iit was there ALL NIGHT


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                Careful now, this might be misinterpreted as a "FIRE KG" thread.
                Mood: WOOF!


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                  Hey Killdrive ??

                  What are you going to do to fix the offense and lack of scoring.

                  Now that you cant rely on Cruz or others to take a simple 5 yard pass for 80 yard td all the time.
                  What will you do now that the league has an answer for our passing game.

                  Redzone struggles continue...........

                  im interested to see what fresh ideas he has. Maybe he will be watching other teams like New England to get ideas. lol


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                    There is some adjusting done, by do you seriously think play calling was going to make up for the fact that we couldn't bring Alfred Morris to the ground without three guys, and that we couldn't run the ball in the second half. I think that was just plain getting physically beat more than anything else.


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                      Killdrive ... heh heh, that's so clever. That's a play on Gilbride's name, isn't it. Never heard that before.

                      When are you people gonna realize, as long as Manning wants him here, he's staying here. I guess we won two Super Bowls in spite of him, not because of him.


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                        Kilbrides Achilles Heel....

                        I am certain that once the Giants pass within the 30 yard line of endzone, Gilbride seems to adopt a different approach, as if he is merely putting the kicker a few yards nearer for the field goal, the amount of times we are treated to a run up the middle followed by delayed draw and then a pass to a receiver 3 yards shy of the first down with two defenders bearing down. KG seems to be happy to take the field goal.
                        We can score on long strikes and plunge in when we are inside the 10 but between the 30 and 10 yard line he seems to just go conservative as if he just doesnt have the gameplan to overcome defenses when the field compresses.

                        The second half was probably the most pathetic I have seen in a long time, all the commentators were harping on about what the defenses were showing Kilbride, and he just cannot make adjustments to counter. It was as if he walked out with 3 plays in his head and hope the D shut down the Offense to sneak a 16-10 win

                        Lastly, god forbid the Giants get a penalty on their drive, it seems that Kilbride has the automatic excuse that 'penalties killed us', opposition teams seem to be able to overcome penalties, last night the Redskins made it look easy.....

                        I would love to see what a talented OC and DC could do with this very talented team.

                        The Giants seem to be held by the preparations they made leading upto the game, if the preparations are successful, they will win the game, if they are not going successfully the Giants will lose simply because they dont have the ability to adjust on either side of the ball. Fact !


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                          Originally posted by krankeybluechick View Post
                          This burns my a** so much! Coughlin should fee ashamed of himself for keeping those two bums killdrive and fewell around.
                          Coughlin is "disappointed" but never embarrassed that the Shanahans took him to school last night with a college level play calling and he was a mere bystander in the sidelines while his coordinators were ****ing up on all 3 sides.


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                            Originally posted by Rudyy View Post
                            Why were they able to adjust and we couldn't?
                            Exactly! That is the biggest weakness of our coaching staff -- they NEVER adjust mid-game! I dont know if its due to stupidity, stubbornness, or arrogance (ie KG saying this week he's the best in the biz). Whatever the reason, it costs us a few games every year.


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                              Originally posted by I Bleed Blue 56 View Post
                              Its getting to be a constant there is a reason nobody will hire him as a head coach. He has no adjustments what so ever. Seriously 3 n 20 and you call a screen knowing we havent stopped them all game. Watching Washigton switch up there calls all game makes me sick to my stomach we have this P.O.S as a coordinator.
                              Even the raiders shot him down after one interview a few years back
                              “It drops deep as it does in my breath

                              I never sleep, cuz sleep is the cousin of death

                              Beyond the walls of intelligence, life is defined

                              I think of crime, when I’m in a New York state of mind.”

                              Nasir Jones


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                                He does not get delay of game penalties. He does not hold defensive players. He does not get called for a false start. He does not over throw a WR.