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  • Originally posted by Robert21156 View Post
    Yeah, you're right, but there's a reason for that. Trying to run the ball too much when that's the other team's strength is pure Giants "hard-headedness" from the coaching staff. When the other team is weak against the pass, then you pass the ball the vast majority of the time. At least one sequence in the 2nd half we ran on first AND second down and then had 3rd and long. We ran the ball well in the first half, but not the 2nd, but we didn't change our playcalling to adjust for that. Gilbride should shoulder a lot of the blame.
    Including all called passing plays (includes scrambles, sacks, and plays negated by penalty) we ran pass plays 4 more times than running plays in the second half. We only had 2 3rd and longs, both of which were set up by an incomplete pass on first down. The times in the second half that we ran on 1st and 2nd down netted a 3-5 (though one of the runs was scramble on a called pass) a 3-4, and a first down.


    • People do not understand that the coaching staff tried to establish the run to shortened the game. The Redskins option offense is damn near unstoppable against our 4-3 front. People can say" Well Fewell should switch it up", well thats a problem when your GM do not draft linebackers or have Defensive Ends who are willingly to play other positions. We are also have problems with the speed at the position too, which is why Rolle was taking on blocks from a 270lb fullback. Jacquien Williams was a perfect fit against this defense. Blackburn came to play but Rivers and Boley were lost out there.

      The Giants were able to keep RG3 off the field...but stupid penalties killed our drives. You can blame refs all you want but false starts and delay of games and intentional grounding is inexcusable. The holding calls were pretty clear too...I seen Locklear bet right off the snap with an inside move and he was holding for dear life. Beatty was getting beat around the edge too which is inexcusable because Orakpo is not there.
      " In Reese to Sign a Bust"