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  • Typical Giant fashion

    What a terrible performance. The Giants look like one of the best teams in the NFL and then lay an egg today. People can cry about the refs but false start, holding, and delay of game penalties are absolutely ridiculous. I cant blame our Defensive Line in this game because the option offense negates their effectiveness. Open passing lanes because Boley and Rivers have no instincts out there, Blackburn was the only linebacker who came to play. Darrell Young was KO'ing Rolle out there, which made our 3 safety look, look silly. Offensively, David Wilson is not anything special...he had a lot of opportunities and did nothing. Bennett was the only one who came to play. And Eli Manning left some plays out there on the field.

    This team is not consistent. They always seem to lose the games they are projected to win. If Rivers and Boley continues to play that bad, we will be mad as hell next week against the Saints. Pathetic perfomance, leave this joke of a team in D.C.
    " In Reese to Sign a Bust"

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    Where was KP tonight where was everyone terrible performance all around
    sigpicShould the Giants fire Gilbride....