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2nd needless loss

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  • 2nd needless loss

    This is the 2nd time this season we possess the ball losing by one score in the forth qtr and we punt the ball to the opponent and never see it again. HEY STUPID with 3 mins remaining and only 2 timeouts, what the ratio that you will recieve the ball again on anything short of a turnover? Their running game was eating us alive all night and you believe by some mastery or magical ability the clock will stop and we'll get the ball back?

    YOU ARE LOSING in the forth qtr less than 4 mins remain, you are playing the worst pass defense in the league, you have been gashing them all night to the TE and seam routes and your brilliant strategy is to run BRADSHAW? REALLY?

    I truly haven't post on here in quite some time because I try to give the staff the benefit of the doubt and say hey you win some you lose some but this SHOULD NOT have been a loss. Coughlin / Gilbride / Fewell got outcoached tonight . The defense seem less prepared tonight than they did in week 7... DID NO ONE LOOK AT FILM? Did Sandy hit again? Are there anymore excuses?