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  • Too bad giants

    This loss was the worst loss since the miracle at the meadow lands. Beating the Redskins would have almost locked us into the playoffs. But almost everyone choked. Sorry all, with Nicks injured we are in a world of trouble. Randle is the only X factor. If he manages to step up we can make a push but otherwise we are done. Bradshaw came to play, Bennet came to play, he knew what this game was about. One game and we could have sleepwalked the rest of the way. But the giants get in a third and 10 on a critical drive and we throw the ball to Randle who is running the wrong route, as usual Eli missed the simple checkdown to bradshaw to throw the ball to someone running the wrong sideline route.

    Look at our dumb losses Cowboys, Eagles, Redskins, Steelers four close games we could have won, but we just do not have it this year.
    Just remember Kevin Love makes more money then OBJ, and OBJ also dunks better.