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RGIII's arrival rekindles Giants-Redskins Rivalry

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  • RGIII's arrival rekindles Giants-Redskins Rivalry

    Excerpt: "The smiling face of current and future Giants torment was coming down a hallway at FedEx Field when it turned just enough to notice a female fan standing in a doorway.

    Robert Griffin III nodded just once, but the reaction was like everything involving the rookie quarterback in this football-mad market. It was a display of absolutely over-the-top, unbridled joy.

    “Did you see that?” the woman yelled to a security guard. “DID YOU SEE THAT?! He looked at me!! You saw that, right?”

    And so it begins. The Redskins defeated the Giants, 17-16, for a lot of reasons Monday night, and the visitors insisted that most of them were their own doing. They are probably right, of course. When you commit as many dumb penalties and attempt as many weak arm tackles as the Giants did, you won’t win many games in the NFL.

    Still, it was hard not to feel like this was more than one crushing NFC East loss. It wasn’t a changing of the guard, not so long as the Giants still have Eli Manning in his prime, but the rekindling of a rivalry that will define both of these franchises for the next few years.

    Because, as long as Griffin is lining up behind center for the Redskins, this is going to be one of the most entertaining matchups in the NFL, and the result likely will shape the division standings." Read more...
    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1

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    I can say without a doubt, especially after Snyder's post game comments, that all my pity for the Redskins has shifted to the Eagles and all my hate for the Eagles has shifted to the Redskins..... Funny how fast things change