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One of my biggest issues with this team

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  • One of my biggest issues with this team

    The Giants now begin week 16 of the regular season and this is the biggest issues I have with this team:

    First let me say that I understand that there were no OTA's and the offseason was shortened due to the lockout, but at this point in the season, I find myself having trouble understanding how the defense could be still having trouble figuring out where they should be playing and the lapses in coverage that we have seen.

    We all heard the emotion speech Coughlin gave after the Cowboy's game and the one thing that stuck out as odd was at the end when he said "I'll see you on Wednesday." You have 3 games left in the season, all must wins from any view point if your intention is to make it to the playoffs. Your defense has played horribly in the last 5 games, not to mention the whole season and you give them time off?

    Did you not see the wide open Dez Bryant TD? Did you not see how close you were to losing that game if Miles Austin doesn't "lose the ball in the lights?" Did you not see how wide open the Dallas receivers were at the end of the game when they made their final attempt to come back to win it? Did you not see the befuddled look the secondary gives each other as they try to figure out how the WR's are getting open when they score?

    You're at week 16 and your defense has no clue as to where they should be playing in zone coverage, who should be releasing what receiver to who and basically, who's covering who. You have rookie linebackers either playing too shallow in zone coverage or sliding the wrong way, you have a middle linebacker who spent the more time this season watching games then playing them and defensive line looks like they are all(with the exception for JPP) auditioning for lead role in a Harry Houdini movie.

    And the offense, is well, offensive as well. The WR Corps needs to spend 4 hours a day catching footballs and the rest of the day practicing which routes to run. It's the 16th week, how do you still not know which route you are supposed to run?

    This team doesn't deserve any days off especially when every game is this crucial and especially when you're still making the same boneheaded mistakes as you were week 1.

    That's it, that's my rant.

    Now my opinion: This game falls solely on the coaching staff. This team was not prepared mentally or emotionally for this game. When you're team is as inconsistent as the Giants have been all season, you don't take a day off, you put in extra time to put in more reps so that it becomes 2nd nature.

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    Re: One of my biggest issues with this team

    Well the CBA has a little say in what their practice schedule during the week can be.

    And as far as the coaching probs ... I think *everyone* on the team shared a blame in what happened yesterday.

    It wasn't a coaching problem that Nicks played his worse game ever as a Giant.

    Or that Manningham brain farted, and bailed out on the fade.

    Or that JPP got Jedi Mind Tricked into thinking that this wasn't the ball carrier he was looking for.

    Or that half our starting secondary are rookies.

    Having said all that ... Fewell still sucks.
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