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    Originally posted by gfanblue View Post
    I have read a TON of posts here since Monday nights disappointing showing in D.C. What I've collectively gathered from many frustrated fans is this.

    1. While we all enjoy the SB wins recently, we see the potential this team has being wasted.
    2. Inconsistency. PERIOD! How do you shellack the Pack and lay down and die for the Skins?
    3.Excuses. Nobody seems to say "hey, you know what? I have effed up...." It's always the same ho-hum attitude (except Rolle)

    Bottom line. This team in the last 9 years or so under TC has ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS played down to the competition. If its against a hot team like the Saints in the dome, hell we may lose by 8 or 9 but we'll still put 35 on em. At least play hard every game. I would prefer if they scrapped and clawed and fought every single game then to just go through the motions out there and do this up and down garbage every frickin year. Is Fassell around? He'd be a good OC
    lol there's the answer. The line is short to sign him so we can have him $50.

    Thanks for the post Jim!!
    No one remembers who came in second.